UK Hospital Lexington, KY

Address: UK HealthCare
800 Rose Street, Room C101
Lexington KY 40536

UK HealthCare unites the hospitals of the University of Kentucky. The staff includes 9,000 people. The staff includes physicians, nurses, pharmacists and other healthcare professionals.

800 rose st Lexington, KY hospital is the first trauma center. The staff is ready every minute to help even with the most severe injuries. It has also intensive care unit that is a kind of walk-in service for neighboring areas.


  • UK TeleCare;
  • Markey Cancer Center;
  • Kentucky Children’s Hospital;
  • Gill Heart & Vascular Institute;
  • Kentucky Neuroscience Institute;
  • Dentistry;
  • Barnstable Brown Diabetes Center;
  • Orthopaedic Surgery & Sports Medicine.