How to Get Medical Education in the USA?

Today, My Canadian Pharmacy decides to explain how to get a medical education in the USA. The doctor’s work in the United States is almost the most prestigious. The first eight places in the ranking of the highest paid professions in the country are steadily occupied by physicians. For example, an anesthesiologist is the most profitable profession: their salary reaches $290.000 per year. The average salary of a doctor in the United States is $150.000 a year.

Requirements for American medical workers

Doctors are a rich and influential social group. But the requirements for them in America are very high. They are obliged to have not only the highest level of education but also to improve it throughout the entire service upgrading their skills. Unfortunately, it is not cheap to get a professional education. In total, every student in the United States will have to pay from $100.000 to 150.000 to obtain a medical education.

Americans are used to thinking that medicine in the United States is the most professional in the world. Anyone who wants to become a doctor and practice in America must go through a very difficult path, and no exceptions are made for anyone.medical education in the usa

They study for a very long time. As a rule, the doctor begins to work independently only at the age of 40. No one expects all doctors to become geniuses, professors and academics, with wide knowledge and a super approach to the sick. The main thing is that the patient must be sure that the doctor whom he is addressing will not make a mistake in diagnosis establishment.

The system of medical education in the United States and its structure is significantly different from that adopted in other countries. After all, Americans do not have free higher education. All students have to pay for education, both those who study at private universities and those who attend state universities. Sociologists say that education expenses occupy second place in the budget of the average American family after buying a home. Nevertheless, the country has a system that allows reducing, sometimes quite significantly, the financial burden on the family budget, which entails studying at a college or university. It happens thanks to the widespread system of scholarships and grants.

Medical schools

Medical schools in the United States are mainly funded from the budgets of the states in which they are located. Therefore, upon matriculation, priority is given primarily to residents of this state, and secondly – to US citizens.

Since the profession of a doctor is considered to be one of the most prestigious, it is expensive to study for a doctor. It is much more expensive than, learning economic or a lawyer specification. In addition, the organization of the educational process in this branch requires a lot of special equipment and expensive consumable materials. Therefore, tuition fees in medical school are always very high, and a student can do nothing without a loan. Scholarships are available for some students.

Undergraduate degree – compulsory intermediate level

After graduating from high school at the age of 18, a young person should receive a bachelor’s degree from a university. The exact discipline does not play a crucial role but it is better it is devoted to natural science.

In parallel with obtaining a bachelor’s degree, the student additionally goes through a program of study at the preparatory medical courses (Pre-Med). The main thing is to understand what specialization you want to get. It depends on the chosen medical specialty which exam you will have to pass after completing the Pre-Med program.

For example, allopaths and osteopaths must pass an entrance test for admission to the medical college (MCAT), dentists – a test for admission to the dental college (DAT), ophthalmologists – a special test for admission to the college of ophthalmology (OAT).

The type of exam is determined regarding the subjects that you will study as part of the Pre-Med. The duration of the program is not limited that once a student has completed all the necessary courses, he can sign up for exams. This can be done in the third and fourth year of the studying. It all depends on the student himself – how quickly he masters the program.

The exam can be retaken as many times as you like. However, all medical schools will know about all your attempts to retake the exam. Therefore, knowledgeable people advise not to rush to pass the test and better prepare for it – if you fail the test more than 3 times, the so-called “black mark” will be assigned to you.

Another important point is that is not enough to study well. In order to get positive recommendations after graduation, it is necessary to conduct scientific work. Numerous courses and scientific societies operate at each college and university. It is important to take part in their work since the recommendations from scientific leaders are a good benefit when entering medical school.

You can go to study nurse specialty. Nursing training departments are open as part of multi-profile colleges, and there are also separate specialized nursing colleges (College of Nursing). Studying at the nursing department includes practice in hospitals, schools, communal agencies, centers for the homeless. Students learn the basics of health care, medical ethics and other subjects. The best programs are accredited by the National League of Nursing. Upon completion of training, a Bachelor of Science degree may be awarded.