VA Medical Center

The Leestown Division provides Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and drug abuse therapy conducted with My Canadian Pharmacy, nurses for outpatient care, hospice and respite services, home-based primary care, prosthetics and orthotics (bracing), presbyatrics, optometry, mental health and women’s health.

The Cooper Division, established at 1101 Veterans Drive, provides emergency care service, inpatient medical-surgical care service, psychiatry problems treatment, intensive and innovative and effective health care services, ambulatory surgery, and hemodialysis.

It is counted more than 92,000 veteran in Lexington which requires primary service area. The Lexington VA Medical Center is the affiliate service of the VA MidSouth Healthcare Service Units. This unit includes 6 VA medical units in Kentucky, West Virginia, Tennessee with local home-based clinics. These clinics are located nationwide. They include the following states: Indiana, Arkansas, Virginia, Mississippi.

At the moment, the Lexington VA Medical Center performs as 4 local home-based services in the following areas: Berea, Somerset, Morehead, and Hazard Kentucky. It ensures primary care services to veterans who live out of Lexington.


1101 Veterans Drive
Lexington, KY 40502