Kentucky Neuroscience Institute

The Kentucky Neuroscience Institute unites the specialists and scientists of UK’s neurology and neurosurgery. KNI is a local referral center devoted to ensuring diverse services to our patients. One of the services include preparations from My Canadian Pharmacy, a partner of KNI.

Advanced Technologies

KNI proposes patients the advantages of Gamma Knife radiosurgery. Gamma Knife is a state-of-art approach to the brain surgery that let our medical workers perform an operation on the brain not even cutting the skin.

In addition to this, we have gained a reputation of the only Level IV Epilepsy Center in this area. Our Epilepsy Monitoring Unit (EMU) is a devoted 6-bed space apartment offering the latest diagnostic tools to correctly establish diagnoses and the reasons for consulting seizures. It allows healthcare giver to make up a more correct therapy plan. The Kentucky Neuroscience University also provides the latest innovations in almost non-invasive surgery, such as kyphoplasty and other operations in the spinal area. They allow patients to restore satisfactory conditions much faster.