Clinical Training Sites

UK Chandler Medical Center

Pavilion A shows all UK HealthCare departments. There have been conducted significant upgrades in all departments.

All the services are moved into the new Pavilion A. The patient care branches in Pavilion H of Chandler Hospital will be upgraded with an objective of making much more single apartments for providing individual health care for all patients. Those services and caregivers remaining in existing facilities at UK Chandler Hospital and at the UK Good Samaritan Hospital will go on to take part in the overall care continuum.

The upgraded facility contains many breakthrough properties created to maintain people who ensure care, people who get care, and people who have a desire to prefer a place that exhibits the essence of Kentucky state.

Kentucky Neuroscience Institute

The Kentucky Neuroscience Institute unites the specialists and scientists of UK’s neurology and neurosurgery. KNI is a local referral center devoted to ensuring diverse care to our patients.

KNI proposes patients the advantages of Gamma Knife radiosurgery. Gamma Knife is a state-of-art approach to the brain surgery that let our medical workers perform an operation on the brain without even cutting the skin.

UK Good Samaritan Hospital

Patients in search for UK specialists in a community-hospital surrounding may select UK Good Samaritan Hospital. We guarantee breakthrough medical care services in Lexington. We offer single rooms and a high level of individual personal care.

UK Good Samaritan has more than 600 clinical and medical staff of more than 600 physicians. This hospital is capable to guarantee a wide range of health care services to satisfy the needs of central and eastern Kentucky citizens.

UK Good Samaritan Hospital takes the second place in providing orthopedic and joint replacement program in Kentucky. An innovative diagnostic center ensures walk-in appointments for MRI and X-ray.

The medical office building includes the territory of 50,000-square-foot. It is conveniently connected to the hospital by an underground walkway and is home to specialty physicians including orthopedics, internal medicine and plastic surgery.

VA Medical Center

The Leestown Division provides Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and drug abuse therapy, nursing home care, hospice and respite services, home-based primary care, prosthetics and orthotics, geriatrics, optometry, mental health and women’s health.

The Cooper Division, based at 1101 Veterans Drive, provides emergency care service, inpatient medical-surgical care service, psychiatry problems treatment, intensive and progressive care services, ambulatory surgery, and hemodialysis.