My Canadian Pharmacy: Buying Meds Online is Easy and Convenient!

My Canadian Pharmacy

My Canadian Pharmacy is a convenient online service for ordering drugs at affordable prices. We save your time, effort and money.

Our drug store is distinguished by:

  • A wide range of drugs from official distributors;
  • original and generic products for health and beauty;
  • competent price policy;
  • discounts and discounts;
  • the convenience of finding the necessary preparations.

Our specialists are constantly undergoing professional training so that you can be served by true professionals.

Our advantages

  • We work only with direct suppliers, and, thanks to modern programs, we analyze and select the lowest prices;
  • We carry out a constant analysis of the pharmaceutical market to form the best prices;
  • We constantly arrange promotions and discounts to reduce prices, we have a discount program, as well as coupon codes;
  • We have certificates from suppliers, which allows us to receive additional discounts when purchasing goods;
  • The assortment of our pharmacy is very large – we sell a rich selection of certified, high-quality and the latest drugs;
  • We employ only professional pharmacists who are able to provide excellent service;
  • We have an individual approach to each customer. You can always order the necessary products and we guarantee their timely delivery at affordable prices.


You can order goods without leaving our home and they will be delivered as soon as possible. We ship meds to almost any country, including New Zeland and Australia. Just select the preferred option: regular airmail service (costs $10.00) or a faster trackable courier service (costs $30.00). These fees are fixed an do not depend on the destination.

Our generics

Generic is a drug with proven pharmaceutical, biological and therapeutic equivalence with the original product. Such a product is produced using exactly the same technology, from the same raw material as the original. As a rule, generics are produced after the expiration of the patent for the original remedy, but in some countries, including India, they can be manufactured before the patent expiration. Generics are made by different companies under the original or own name.

Our online pharmacy aims to maximize the needs of those who do not have an “extra bag of money,” but want to live a full and healthy life. In this case, our generics will be the best choice based on the ratio “price / quality”. You can order medicines in our reliable online store right now. You have the opportunity to purchase any drug from our catalog. An integral part of every purchase is the fastest possible service and complete confidentiality. You are required only to strive to improve your health! For everything else, there is our online company!

Bestsellers of our store

  • Viagra Professional is used to increase potency and prolong the duration of sex. It works by expanding the blood vessels in the penis. Simplifying the access of blood to the genitals, the drug accelerates the onset of erection and makes it as hard as possible during coition. Besides, these tablets significantly reduce the time to restore sexual energy;
  • Cialis Super Active is a new generation drug based on tadalafil, a reversible selective inhibitor of specific phosphodiesterase type 5. Cialis Super Active is recommended to men of any age for the treatment of impotence. In addition, the drug naturally increases the overall level of testosterone and semen production, has a vasodilator effect, increases endurance, resistance to stress and enhances the response to sexual stimulation. Cialis Super Active can be used even for those who do not suffer from problems associated with erectile dysfunction;
  • Generic Cialis is another effective drug for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. This medicine has quickly gained popularity due to its efficacy, safety and affordable price. Remember: buying more, you will significantly save your budget. The main active ingredient of this generic is tadalafil, which enhances sexual arousal, increases erection, allows you to maintain it during intercourse and helps to achieve orgasm. Tadalafil is completely useless in the absence of sexual stimulation. The drug acts only when a man is sexually excited, even if the erection is very weak. Generic Cialis is ideal for use in particularly difficult cases of erectile dysfunction;
  • Female Viagra helps to restore sexual excitability and sensitivity, prolonging sexual satisfaction. The effect of the medicine is provided by sildenafil, a substance that enhances the blood supply to the vagina and the surrounding pelvic region. It also increases the level of female sex hormones, especially testosterone. Sensuality and the body’s ability to sexual arousal is enhanced, which most likely leads a woman to full satisfaction. Due to stimulation of the Bartholin glands, more natural lubrication is released, dryness inside the vagina is reduced, which eliminates discomfort during sexual intercourse. This drug also helps women who have reached menopause or undergone hysterectomy.

Guarantees and return policy

We provide our customers with optimal conditions for purchases. If you did not receive your order within the specified time frames or something is missing, we will refund your money or resend the medicines. Our online shop has been active for over 20 years and only had a few such cases. In 99% of cases, the drugs are delivered within the promised period or even faster. Timely delivery is confirmed by thousands of satisfied customers from different parts of the world.

Customer Reviews

Marty: “This website has attracted my attention long ago, I recently made my first order, which I received after 2 days. To be honest, I did not expect such speed of delivery, and the prices for the drugs are good, I will 100% return for more.”

Jessica: “Large selection of medicines, there are almost all drugs (even those that are not available in other drugstores).”

Neil: “Many thanks for the service! Despite the holidays, you are still working steadily and deliver meds on time. Special thanks to the call operator, who advised on drugs. The order was delivered the very next day and the tablets were effective. Happy holidays!”

Sean: “The store left a pleasant impression. I was pleased with the prices. Besides, I had a question about one preparation, and they quickly contacted me, explained the conditions of storage and use, rechecked the order, and delivered it quickly. I wish you success and many customers!”

Kate: “This pharmacy has always attracted me with the lowest prices on the web, good service and a rich assortment. I always pay via credit card. Few people know but this company has two excellent additions to the service: 1. You can call them and find out if any medicine is available. 2. The pharmacy employs competent pharmacists. I always get a good consultation online. Of course, if you have a serious health problem, you’d better first consult your doctor and then go to the pharmacy. For minor problems (high temperature or the first signs of a virus) you can use this website.”

Monika: “I am a regular customer of this online store and I am satisfied with both the service and prices. Basically, I’m trying to buy discounted drugs. The last time I ordered twenty pills of Cialis and received two pills for free as a bonus. Cool!”

Elizabeth: “Now I’m a regular customer, it is very convenient, the discounts are good! They always have all the medicines available. Prices are lower than in other pharmacies! I only order from My Canadian Pharmacy.”