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Van Horne

We offer an Acting Internship at the University of Kentucky College of Medicine and visiting students in their 4th year of medical school.  The purpose of the elective is to introduce the students to a variety of neurosurgical diseases that are treated at the University of Kentucky Hospital.  Our goal is to provide the opportunity for you to be involved in as many surgical procedures as possible, to expose you to a variety of neurosurgical interventions.  Students will participate in weekly teaching conferences, morning rounds, inpatient and outpatient consultations, and take call approximately every fourth night with the service residents.  At the end of the rotation, students will present a 10-minute presentation to the Neurosurgery faculty and residents, with time after for questions.  Visit the College of Medicine Student Affairs website at http://www.mc.uky.edu/meded/student_affairs/ on how to apply.


Craig van Horne, M.D., PhD
Clerkship Director, Department of Neurosurgery



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Acting Internship?

The University of Kentucky offers a 1-month Acting Internship (AI) to UK and visiting medical students.  This program provides an opportunity to integrate into the Neurosurgery service, learn about Neurosurgical disease, and work with the faculty and residents within the department.  AlI students are expected to attend rounds, participate in conferences, and observe surgical procedures.
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Are You a Student Considering Neurosurgery?

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