The University of Kentucky Department of Neurological Surgery Center for Cerebrovascular Disease offers the most comprehensive approach to interventions for stroke in the state of Kentucky.  Whether treating carotid stenosis to prevent future strokes, rebuilding and bypasses severely altered cerebral vessels, or reopening cranial blood vessels to treat acute stroke, UK Neurosurgery works closely with the other members of the UK Stroke Center to evaluate and treat patients with this terrible disease. 


We are also actively involved in research, developing a better understanding of cerebral perfusion and potential neuroprotective interventions for stroke. 


Treated conditions include but are not limited to:

Carotid Stenosis

Carotid Occlusion

Acute ischemic Stroke

Carotid/Vertabral Dissection and Pseudoaneurysm



Attending Faculty

Justin F. Fraser, MD

Assistant Professor

Cerebrovascular and Skull Base Surgery

Endovascular Neurosurgery



Abdulnasser Alhajeri, MD